About Hyde Park Assisted Living

Hyde Park Assisted Living serves Flushing with excellent, affordable assisted living and memory care services. Founded in 2000, we have earned the trust of our community, building strong relationships with our residents, families, and the community.

About Baruch Senior Ministries

We are owned and operated by Baruch Senior Ministries, a faith-based nonprofit organization currently operating 24 assisted living communities throughout the state of Michigan. Baruch’s focus in each community is to create a compassionate and loving environment where seniors can make a lasting home. Learn more about Baruch.

Our Mission

Baruch Senior Ministries seeks to honor God by serving people as they age.

Why the name Baruch?

 “I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”

Jeremiah 33:6

This is God’s promise as written in Jeremiah, and we seek to carry out that promise today among senior and disabled citizens in our communities. As Jeremiah’s disciple and scribe, Baruch served as an instrument for assuring God’s people would never be abandoned. Just as he remained selflessly true to his charge, Baruch Senior Ministries promises to uphold its commitment to provide seniors, disabled friends and neighbors with housing, care and programs that nourish their body and soul.